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10 professionals, 100 years of cumulative experience, more than 400 clients, 50 articles published, 300 m2 of offices in Paris and Rennes and finally 12 years of existence.


Melot & Buchet is an independent law firm dedicated to complex cases. Always tailor-made interventions. High level technical expertise.

In addition, being a part of the European JCA Lawyers International network, our firm can work on international transactions within a secure legal framework, while remaining a single point of contact for its clients.

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    Business Law

    Our firm assists its clients in both advisory and litigation matters in the following areas

    • Breach of commercial relations, discriminatory practices, commercial cooperation
    • Unfair competition and parasitism
    • Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, distribution agreements, licences
    • Commercial leases
    • Transfers of business assets
    • Franchising, exclusive and selective distribution networks
    • Drafting of general conditions of sale and purchase

    We represent our clients before all judicial or arbitration bodies.

    Our experience :

    • Defending the interests of distributors who are victims of brutal breaches of commercial relations (mobile phone operators – pharmaceutical laboratories – spirits manufacturers)
    • Setting up general terms and conditions of sale and purchase for an e-business company
    • Litigation for unfair competition in several sectors of activity: e-business – Insurance brokerage – Oil drilling
    • Litigation following the transfer of a business to obtain a price reduction

    International Tax Law

    We act in international tax matters both for French tax residents, companies or individuals, having activities or assets abroad, and for foreign tax residents participating in operations in France or owning assets in France.

    In particular, we act in the following areas

    • Assistance and advice for the establishment of French companies abroad or foreign companies in France
    • Management of international flows (dividends, royalties, interest) and their tax impact
    • Optimisation of the effective tax rate of international groups
    • Transfer pricing management: implementation of transfer pricing policies, analysis of the tax risks inherent in intra-group transactions, implementation of treaty means to eliminate double taxation,
    • Support for staff mobility policy
    • International tax optimisation

    Our experience :

    • Advising a company listed on the CAC 40 in the context of the structuring of its international royalty and dividend flows
    • Analysis and implementation of an Asian trading subsidiary for a French SME
    • Tax aspects of a project for the acquisition of a real estate portfolio by foreign operators
    • Successful management of a procedure for the repression of abuse of rights in the context of a transfer transaction
    • Defending the interests of a holding company and its partners with regard to an IS and ISF audit
    • Defending a listed group in a dispute relating to transfer pricing, tax consolidation, proof of deficits

    Business Financing

    Our firm assists companies in their search for the necessary financing for their creation and their organic and/or external growth.

    We assist our clients during the three phases of their fundraising:

    • Preparation: assistance in drafting the business plan, analysis of needs and the best way to meet them, valuation of the company, estimation of the amount to be raised, partnership arrangements, etc.
    • Support: study of investor profiles, search for investors, negotiation support, drafting of all legal documentation, etc.
    • Post-fundraising organisation: governance and management advice, external communication following the fund-raising, investor follow-up, etc.
      Within the framework of these operations, our firm benefits from a large network of partners (accountants, asset managers, banks, notaries, etc.).

    Our experience :

    • Fundraising for companies in the e-business, renewable energy, aeronautics, real estate, drones, etc.
    • Structuring of several public offerings (public offering) with drafting of a prospectus submitted to the AMF for approval
    • Issuance of bonds convertible into shares for SMEs and SMIs
    • Structuring of financing in the context of wealth tax exemption operations

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our firm has a solid experience in the field of equity transactions.

    We act in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, leveraged buy-outs, mergers and restructurings as advisors to buyers, sellers or the management of target companies.

    We carry out due diligence and legal reviews and assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of all legal documentation related to equity transactions (sale agreement, guarantee of assets and liabilities, shareholders’ agreement, financing agreement, surety or other guarantees, etc.).

    Our firm provides each of its services in compliance with the rules in force within the framework of tax-efficient arrangements.

    In addition to this advisory activity, our firm handles a large number of corporate disputes:

    • disputes between shareholders
    • litigation relating to the acquisition of shareholdings, whether hostile or not
      post-acquisition disputes
    • implementation of asset and liability guarantees
    • abusive breach of contract

    Our firm assists companies in their day-to-day operations. We draw up all the related legal documents (drawing up articles of association, minutes of general meetings and boards of directors, increases in share capital, appointment of managers, replacement of auditors, etc.).

    Our experience :

    • Fundraising for e-business, renewable energy and aeronautics companies
    • Subsidialisation, contribution and merger within a distribution group
    • Structuring of several public offerings (public offering)
    • Negotiation of the amicable exit of an executive of a stock exchange company from several investment funds
    • Sectors: IT services, distribution and wholesale, security, tourism, robotics, health, fashion, etc.

    Business Law Firm

    Melot & Buchet is a French boutique law firm located in Paris, France, offering a full range of services in business law, and more specifically in tax law, financing law and corporate law. 

    The experience acquired by Melot & Buchet’s lawyers in major international law firms, enables them to assist French clients extending their activities abroad, but also to support foreign clients in their development in France.


    In addition, all the 10 lawyers in our firm have significant experience abroad, which provides a real opening to the international scene based on strong personal experiences.

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